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New Upcoming Events

30 June-02 July, 2016
1st Congress of Cardiovascular Prevention in Pre-Elderly and Elderly Individuals (CPPEI 2016)

18-21 August, 2016
15th Asian and Oceanian Congress of Neurology, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

26-29 October, 2016
10th World Stroke Congress, Hyderabad, India









About Neurology Awareness & Research Foundation (NARF)

To promotes the exchange of ideas and create awareness among the community about Neurology and its related subspecialties e.g. Stroke, Headache, Movement Disorders, Muscular Disorders, Memory Impairment Disorders etc.

To provide education for professional and general public regarding neurology and its subspecialties as mentioned above to encourage scientific studies and research of neurology and its subspecialties.

To meet these objects NARF will develop and provide scientific meetings, education courses, a journal, and other methods contributing to the increased knowledge of neurology and its subspecialties.

To develop databases and statistical research projects in the field of neurology.

To provides facilities, funds and neurology consultancy to the patients. To works as consultants and advisors in any field as and one deemed fit for the government, NGO’s or in any such national or international body or institution.